Eriador Ulwe

With smooth features and an easy smile Eriador is a ruggedly handsome man. An even 6' tall and 185 pounds he has striking grey-blue eyes the color of ice. He keeps himself very well groomed, with dark blonde hair kept short, and a very proper beard.

10 14 19
Attribute Modifier Skill Score Target
Strength 32 Command (Cha) **** 100
Intelligence 59 Ettiquette (Cha) ** 90
Wizdum 48 Falsehood (Cha) ** 90
Dexterity 58 Persuasion (Cha) ** 90
Constitution 46 Mercantile (Cha) * 95
Charaisma 80 1 Stalking (Dex) ** 68
Observation (Wiz) * 63
Signature Moves MP Sense Intent (Wis) ** 58
Arcane Magic (Int) * 64
Lore, The source of Power (Int) * 64
Swords (Dex) * 63

Eriador grew up quickly, and has always looked a little older than his actual age. He was quick to realize that he would have to try a different path to succeed. He was quick, and sharp, he wasn’t extremely smart. Eriador was nimble and quick, but would never earn renown as a swordsman or archer, and nobody would ever mistake him for a strong man. His gift is, and always has been, his force of personality. He has a way with words, and despite not being the strongest, or bravest or fastest he always seemed to know what to day. He always knew when to use the correct quip or joke, the right way to compliment, or even degrade to achieve his goals and ends. He also had a small talent with magic, and though he would never be a world class magician, he was able to tailor his training around his personal agenda. He specifically learned magic that would help him with his deceptions, and some to help gather information.

In secondary school Eriador was selected for diplomatic training and quickly rose to the top of the class. Naturally gifted and a quick learning he learned his lessons well and knew that the role of legate was for him. Before he was even finished with school Eriador had already put forth feelers for joining the King’s diplomatic envoy corps. It wasn’t long before his natural talent and flair for the dramatic brought him into the crosshairs for the Wild Lands resettlement program. Thrown together with the Witch, the Ranger and the Apothecary he took on the mantle of leader he has sworn to make this program work and return home a powerful man.

Eriador Ulwe

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