• Eriador Ulwe

    Eriador Ulwe

    With smooth features and an easy smile Eriador is a ruggedly handsome man. An even 6' tall and 185 pounds he has striking grey-blue eyes the color of ice. He keeps himself very well groomed, with dark blonde hair kept short, and a very proper beard.
  • Alchemist Doyan

    Alchemist Doyan

    Doyan Greenbriar is the youngest of the Greenbriar clan of alchemists. With news of an expedition into the Wild Lands, His family has encouraged him to seek a position there and further the clan's knowledge of their art.
  • Gordon Walkabout

    Gordon Walkabout

    Gordon Walkabout is an odd sorcerer to say the least. When he heard there was an expedition to the wild lands he jumped at the opportunity. His specialty is communication and manipulation with the land, plants and animals therof.
  • Guard Captain Waylan

    Guard Captain Waylan

    Waylan Stoutmoore is a captain of the king's guard. The king has offered his services to protect the new settlement.
  • Horsemaster Wilhelm

    Horsemaster Wilhelm

    Scion of the Dakur Family, Wilhelm is a horse master. He breeds and raises some of the best horses in the land.
  • James


  • Jon


  • Mechaneer Hawley

    Mechaneer Hawley

    Hawley Rhode is an odd man, a dreamer and designer of the fantastical. The nobility of the court has been debating whether the king really thinks he will be useful, or if he just wants him out of the city.
  • Physic Donae

    Physic Donae

    Gerald Donae is apprentice to the King's Pysic. He has schooled in minor healing magic,as well as mundane healing arts.
  • Schmidt


  • Shadewalker Randal

    Shadewalker Randal

    A woodlands shadow, Randal is one of the King's scouts. The king has offered his services.
  • Shota Sheniqua Fandango

    Shota Sheniqua Fandango

    Cursed with an odd name and penchant for seeing events before they happen, the King has weighed Shota's value and decided that he will allow her to travel with you should you desire her presence.
  • Vicar Signari

    Vicar Signari

    Alberto Signari is a missionary for The Light of Heaven, the official church of the kingdom. Having traveled many lands he is unlike many of his brethren a polytheist and seeks to guide his flock down the path of righteousness through divine wisdom.