Spell Builder

I’ve tried to keep building spells relatively simple. Thus far it doesn’t seem like I’ve succeeded. Never the Less,if you don’t want to send your spell idea to me to run through the check box program, here is how you do it.Still tweaking the system a bit, these values may change.

Step one: Choose the effects you want If there is an effect you want that is not on the list please let me know

Class Effect Base Mana Cost
Illusory Sight 5
Touch 5
Taste 5
Smell 5
Auditory 5
Physical Cold 5
Heat 5
Light 5
Darkness 5
Manifest 10
Healing 10
Injury 10
Force 10
Mental Fear 7
Courage 7
Control 7
Communication 5
Comprehension 5
Temporal/Spatial Teleportation 15
Summon 20
Time 20
Alteration Speed 7
Strength 7
Wits 7
Transmute 10
Transfigure 7

Edit Note, I have removed suggestion, it would fall under controll and Added time magic to temporal/spatial.

Step two: Add the base mana cost of your effects.

  • I am debating halving the cost of a secondary effect.*

Step three: Set the parameters of your spell.

Modifier Modifier
AOE Target +1 for each target beyond the first Components Simple Verbal -1
5′×5′ +2 for each 5×5 area affected Complex Verbal -2
10′×10′ +3 for each 10×10 area affected Material -1
25′×25′ +5 for each 25×25 area affected Rare Material -2
Duration Instant +0 Exotic Material -3
Rounds +1 per each round the spell lasts Simple Kinesthetic -1
Ten minutes +5 for every ten minutes it lasts Complex Kinesthetic -2
Hours +10 for each hour it lasts Dammage/Healing D4 +1 for each d4 of damage beyond1
Days +100 For every day it lasts D6 +1.5 per die
Casting Time Instant +2 D8 +1.75 per Die
Rounds -0.5 per round it takes to cast D10 +2 per Die
Ten minutes -5 per ten minutes required to cast Range Touch +0
Hours -20 per Hour of casting time Ten Feet +1 per Ten Feet of Range
Sight +5

Step Four. If you survived steps one, two and three, we’re doing good. Add your modifiers.

Step Five. If the Modifier total is 1 or less, ignore it. The casting cost would then be the base casting cost. If the modifier higher than one multiply it by the mana cost you got in step two. And that is your spell’s casting cost.

Spell Builder

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