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Skills in the Wild Lands campaign are going to be free base. Kind of Like crack cocaine. We’ll make them as we go along.I envision many skills being branched or specialized. When a character is created, they start with 23 skill dots to assign. Each level they raise, they gain one more. To go from untrained to poor and each step above that is one dot, until extraordinary. To go from extraordinary to Legendary requires three unspent dots.

Skill specialization:
Skills may be specialized once a character has achieved 5 dots in them(An Extraordinary rating). If the character then achieves Legendary(six dots) in the skill, they may add a second specialization. A specialization allows for an extra bonus on the skill. For example, an Extraordinary miner or or builder could specialize in Excavation providing their bonus to dig projects as well.

Like skills, specializations are open to player creation and should you choose to add a specialization you should speak with the GM about what you would like to specialize and how you feel it should work.

Weapons: To effectively use a weapon one must be skilled with it. Using a weapon you have no skill with starts at a -30 penalty.

Skills by attribute:

Strength Intelligence Wizdum Dexterity Constitution Charisma
Armor Smith Alchemy Faith Magic Clothier Concentration Command
Black Smith Arcane Magic Glass Blowing Jewel Crafting Endurance Animal Care
Bowyer Fletcher Beast Lore Observation Stalking Tanner Etiquette
Building Herbal Lore Prospecting Weapon Skills Trapping Falsehood
Forestry Invention Farming Trap Making Persuasion
Hunter Enchanting Almanac Pick Locks
Lumberjack Lore, the source of power Shared Faith Climbing
Mason Arcane Ritual Faith Ritual Pick Pockets Mercantile
Mechanist Tracking Lock Making Tame Animal
Miner Appraisal Surgery
Sense Intent Riding
Weapon Smith First aid
Horse Sense
Production Skills Manufacturing Skills


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