Signature Moves

Any warrior who has attained good or better skill with their weapon is likely to have developed a signature move. These can appear to be almost magical in nature (and do in fact use mana).You can learn 1 for each skill level above fair, in each weapon proficiency.

Mana Cost
Good 5
Extraordinary 15
Legendary 30 Variable

Examples of a good signature move:
Remarkable Parry you block a normal attack(an enchanted weapon can parry magic projectiles)

Unblockable blow-auto hit regardless of armor.

Charge-double move to attack, double damage if attack is successful.

Incapacitating blow-stun d4 rounds

Disarm- relieves the opponent of their weapon in an impressive manner.

Quick Strikes-Four attacks in succession

Can opener-Slash the armor from your opponent

Death of a thousand cuts-15 attacks in one round.

Signature Moves

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