Odd Character Examples

For those of you who need a push to think outside the box.

There’s no Paladin! Whatever shall I do?!

Faith Magic + Ritual +Weapon skills =Pally
Vondersnatch OF harkholme wants to be a pally. He chooses to replace some of his spells as a Faith caster with rituals at game start. He meets with the GM and creates a protection from evil ritual that takes ten minutes to cast, but provides him protection throughout the day by slowly depleting his mana. He also creates a smite prayer. He can do both during the day, but if it’s late in the day he may not have the mana left for the smite, and if it’s early in the day, using that smite will shorten his protection duration as he will run out of mana sooner.

I want a death Machine!!!
Gregor of Wunderbush wants to have an army of mechanical minions. Rather than focusing on magics he learns invention, and mechanist. When not belittling peasants he can be found in his laboratory working on prototypes. After several failures, he succeeds in making an iron dragon that breathes fire. He then happily spends the rest of his days riding it about torching things.

I want to be a Medic!!!
Gelatina of roundville decides she wants to enter the medical profession, she’s not very focussed on fighting, but with her first aid skill and surgery skills, she can stop bleeding, chop people open and repair serious wounds, and with alchemy has even developed a number of healing salves and potions.

I want lots of money!!!
Greedia Of goldenshire has also forgone formal weapons training. Instead She has elected to learn command, appraisal, mercantile, and persuasion. Her high charisma allows her two automatic successes a day in dungeons when persuading big mean things not to eat her. When she’s not diffusing potentially violent confrontations out in the wilderness, she is whipping her peasants for increased production, then forcing her laborers to turn out trinkets. At the end of the week she stamps made in china on them and travels back to the kingdom to sell them for a handsome profit.

The above are just a few sarcastic out side the box characters. My hope is that this system will allow the creation of just about whatever you want.

Odd Character Examples

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