In the Wild Lands game magic comes in two varieties. Arcane, and faith. For those of you you like the cocaine style skills faith magic is your forte. There are no spells. You pray. If you have sufficient Mana, the powers that be work through your energy and manifest your prayer. Success also depends on a successful faith Magic roll. It is even possible to create a miracle beyond your mana level. However we advise caution here. Priests that pray too big may get what they wish but tend to look like a cat in a microwave afterwords.

Arcane Magic on the other hand is much more rigid. Spells must be known and researched – though not memorized. It can get very expensive very quickly to expand your repetoir. The trade off is they do not fail. Nor can you cast a spell greater than your mana pool (Without being somewhat evil and sucking mana from other people-caution, this also tends to cause cat in microwave syndrome if overdone, and it’s bloody hard to control how much you suck up). The arcane magic skill is used when attempting to learn new magic spells or when attempting enchanting.

Faith magic tends to be more miraculous, while Arcane is more reliable.

Mana like Health Regenerates every four hours. At a rate of 5% of your Intelligence or Wizdum, whichever is higher.



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