Hero Creation

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So you want to be a hero? The following Easy steps will create your character and get you ready to head out into the wild lands.

1. Choose your Hero’s attributes. There are six, Strength, Intelligence, Wizdum, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. They are explained in a little more detail HERE
You start with 1 Good, 4 Fair and 1 Weak. For each roll a d20, for the good, add 60, the fair add 40, and the weak add 20.

2. Skills, Think of Some of the things you want your character to know about, or to know how to do. For example, Do you want to be a swordsman? You’ll need a swordsman skill. Magic User? You’ll need either knowledge of faith or arcane magic. Do you want to be able to lead other people with your words and actions? Perhaps a command skill. Or are you the sneaky thief type? Perhaps a sneak or pickpocket skill. Be creative, have fun thinking up ideas of what sorts of skills your character should have. You have 23 dots to spend on skills, but no one skill can have more than 4 dots to start. Confirm your skills with the GM. More about skills HERE

3. Are you an Arcane or Faith Magic user? If arcane dream up five starter spells, keep in mind early in the game you will have relatively little magical energy, knowing a summon comet spell does you no good if you can’t get the juice to cast it. If Faith you should think up some commonly used prayers, you don’t have to know specific spells as a faith caster but it’s a good idea to work out what some of your prayers do with the gm ahead of time. The gods can be whimsical in answering prayers after all. Once you’ve got some ideas, check with the GM make sure they’ll work, and have the GM set mana requirements. More about Magic HERE

4. Do you have any weapon skills at Good (61 or higher)? If you do, you can create a signature move for that weapon. Just like with spells be creative and confirm the move is OK with the GM. More on Signature moves HERE

5.Calculate your age, HP, and MP. Starting age for Heroes is 1d10+13, HP is 10(+1 if you put your good attribute in Constitution) and mana is 1/4 of either your Intelligence, or Wizdum, whichever is higher.

6. Name your Hero and see the GM for starting Gear and final approval on the Character.

7. Confer with the other players about which specialists you want to bring with you. Specialists are above average peasants and will help you in gathering resources for your town, defending it, building it, or building specialized items.

Hero Creation

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