Experience and Levels

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While Peasants increase their skills through use, Heroes increase via a level System. The table below shows some of the ways to gain experience.

Experience gained
Complete a Scene 100
Defeat a Level Appropriate challenge 25
An instance of good RP 10
Creative Use of a Skill or Spell 25
Work on a building to completion 25-250
Resource gathered 1/unit

Every 1000 experience points a Hero gains a level. On advancement to the next level they gain HP, MP, and skills. Skill growth is one dot per level. HP increases at 4+1d6+con bonus each level. MP Increases at 25% primary caster attribute or 10% Wizdum or Intelligence whichever is higher for non casters. Primary caster attribute is Intelligence for Arcane casters, Wizdum for faith casters and whichever is higher for dual casters.

Experience and Levels

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