Death, Lifestones and Reincarnation

For the Heroes of the Realm Death is but a pit stop. The King views you as a powerful investment and has set in place certain guarantee’s that his investment will not be lost.

A secret known to very few enchanters, Lifestone is a crystal that can be enchanted to transfer the soul or abilities of a person into another body on death. The stone can also be used to tranfer abilities before death (retirement of a character) but this leaves the original body somewhat of a shell – they forget that which is transferred. The king has provided you each with five unbound life stones. To preserve your life he has suggested you bind one to a child. They work via blood magic and require only a very simple ritual of offered blood to be bound. The first person to place their blood on it will be transferred, the second will be their new body. No effect takes place untill the death of one or the other. If the heir dies before the bound individual the lifestone shatters, as it does when a life is transferred.

Reincarnation: Though lifestone is a very powerful version of reincarnation, the king also has spell casters capable of bringing you back should you not have a lifestone bound. These incredibly difficult spells are not as efficient however, and it is not unheard of for those restored to life to lose some of their memories.

Game mechanics:
Willem the Ranger is fond of breaking off on his own path. Against the advice of his friends, he goes in search of his grandfather atop a tall cliff, while his companions battle fallen angels. Sadly Willem is about as good a climber as he is wise. Halfway up the cliff, he slips and falls. With no lifestone bound his death is not immediately noticed. Three weeks pass before a poor farmer takes shelter from a storm under the cliff face. Though the shattered body is badly decomposed, the peasant recognizes the armor. He notifies the town guard who send word to the king. Now a month and a half later the King has Willem reincarnated. Willem’s spirit is called back from the grave, but in a show of displeasure, the King has brought him back as a goblin. Willem’s player now rolls up a goblin PC’s attributes, and retains 50+4d10 percent of his skill dots rounded down, for HP he rolls the equivalent of Willems level. Thus is Gizlock the goblin brought into service of the king.

Meanwhile Turgar Lord of the dwarves is hiding behind a tombstone while his companions battle a fallen angel. Turgar is somewhat of a greedy SOB and has been hoarding lifestone. He has even bound himself to a stone (hidden for safety) which he also bound to a young girl (She was pretty and he thought what better afterlife than playing with his new breasts-dwarves are wierd). Turgar’s companions are victorious, but sadly for lord Turgar, on it’s death the fallen angel explodes knocking the tombstone Turgar is hiding behind over, and crushing him. Moments later Jisabelle awakens a village away with all of Turgars skills and a general sense of dwarviness. She plays with her breasts for a little while, then steals a horse and rides out to find out what happened to the others. (Turgar’s PC rolls up new human attributes and HP for the number of levels attained as Turgar)

Ok so I was feeling a little goofy this morning, but you get the idea.

Death, Lifestones and Reincarnation

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