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This section has changed due to the change in skill use.
The attributes used to describe peasants and heroes in the Wild Lands are listed below. Each hero starts with 1 Good Attribute ( 60+d20 ), 4 Fair Attributes ( 40+1d20 ) and one weak Attribute ( 20+1d20 ). Every fifth level a hero may increase one of their attributes. Poor attributes (if the PC is weakened by a curse for example) increase 1d20+10, Weak 1d20+5, Fair 1d20, Good 1d10, Extraordinary 1d8. Legendary Attributes (100 and a above) may not be increased in this manner.

Description Modifier
Strength The measure of physical strength a Character possesses. +Damage Per Die,Production Bonus
Intelligence The Measure of one’s intellect. +Damage per die or skill success
Wizdum The measure of one’s common sense. Arcane resist, Auto succeed Faith cast, skill success
Dexterity The measure of how nimble a character is. Chance to dodge an attack or skill success
Constitution A characters ability to take a beating and keep on. Additional HP per hit die, and Additional man hours can be worked per day
Charisma A person’s ability to manipulate and influence others. +Manipulation Auto Success

Attribute modifiers:
If an attribute is good or above, it alters dice rolls for damage, magical effects, Grants dodge dice,Increases man hours worked, Or allows auto successes on skills. In battle, or dungeons these strength and intelligence bonuses are always active for damage adjustment. Other attribute’s bonuses can be used once per day for each modifier(a three indicates three times a day). In building mode, the number of uses is per month.

Poor Weak Fair Good Extraordinary Legendary
-2 -1 1 2 3

Strength/Intelligence in battle/dungeon:

Poor Weak Fair Good Extraordinary Legendary
-2 -1 0 2 5 10

Strength. A particularly strong individual hits harder. Each damage die they roll for a physical weapon is increased by their modifier. In this sense some bashing or heavy weapons that deal multiple damage dice, actually inflict the modifier more than once. The Strong are also more productive. The modifier is a bonus to their weekly output on strength based town skills. Sadly this is also true for being a weakling. The toothpick with a great-sword will be almost completely ineffective. Nor will he be very quick to harvest stone from a mine, or build a great wall.

Intelligence. The genius mage is a scary thing, just as a strong man hits harder, magical spells cast by a genius will have greater affect. The modifier is applied again to each die of damage or healing. For non magic users, genius allows an automatic success on an intelligence skill roll, once per day per modifier while adventuring, once per month per modifier in city mode. The stupid wizard (rare as it is) is affected with a penalty, while the layman is afflicted with potential auto skill fails.

Wizdum. The incredibly wize are blessed with the ability to overcome the lack of faith in others, resist the magic of others, or surprising successes in Wizdum based skills. The foolish on the other hand may see any of these affects reversed upon them. A high Wizdum character may use any combination of the three abilities, up to their modifier limit. A low Wizdum character could see the reverse of any of the three.

Dexterity. Those nimble individuals out there have the advantageous ability to dodge incoming attacks. This can be declared after a to hit roll has been made but must be before damage is rolled. Similarly the clumsy can be automatically struck when they trip into a blow. Outside of dungeon/battle mode these may be used for Dexterity skill successes(or failures for the clumsy).

Constitution. The incredibly resilient and healthy enjoy additional hit points at the start of the game and when leveling. They also enjoy bonus man hours of production in building mode. Conversely, the sickly have less health, and may slowly wither and die over time(A poor constitution is a very bad thing, roll enough ones leveling and you will gradually lose health). They can not work as many hours as regular laborers either.

Charisma. Those with force of personality benefit from automatic successes equal to their modifier on charisma based skills. The ugly and socially awkward may suffer automatic failures. Though this may seem to be less than the other Attributes, played well this is potentially more powerful than any of the rest.


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