Wild Lands

Summoned by the King


For many years the Kingdom has known peace. The ancient civilizations of the Elves and Dwarves held at bay by the great wall. In recent decades rumors say they have in fact withdrawn into their mountains and forests, perhaps even left the world of man entirely. As has been the occasion many a night before, you sit before the fire place sharing tales of the ancient wars and heroics of man’s greatest heroes. A great banging at the door tears you from the revelry, and as you hurry to see who it might be you are confronted by an almost laudable sight. A kings messenger decked out in royal finery is being admitted by the servants. Soaked to the bone, velvet damp and dull, ruffles about his sleeves matted and dripping, he draws out a scroll case, produces a sealed scroll from it and thrusts it at you. Then almost before you can receive it he twirls about, out the door and is riding away.

The scroll is a summons to the King’s court. You and three others are to lead an expedition to colonize the other side of the wall. A new and harder life awaits.


They’re not all up yet, but you can see some of the Peasants who will be coming with you in the character section. Also some of the specialists are posted. There will be ten total, of them your party may choose five to accompany you. Though, the king assures you, if your colony is prosperous he may send the others later.

Summoned by the King

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