Wild Lands

Ancient Root Cellar OOC Wrap up

After while the peasants began construction of the great hall, others began to plow the fields and sow our crops (Still need to know what you decided as far as wheat vs vegies). Captain Waylan reported the farmers had found something strange in one of the fields. On investigation we discovered an old root cellar, within were several giant spiders, a skeleton still guarding a locked chest and a giant slug. The slug seems to be domesticated and our geomancer comunincated with it briefly discovering that in fact it had been fed by whatever farmers once lived here. A journal found in the chest indicated a number of historical wars between races, many of which we have as of yet, not encountered.

Ancient Farmer’s Journal
50 GP
Small Ruby
1 crate of viable potatoes


RP Creative use of Skill/spell Challenge Scene Buildings completed Resources Gathered
Giant Orb Spider - - 25
Giant Slug - 10 25
Skeleton - - 25 -
Giant Spindle Leg Spider - - 25
Ancient Root Cellar 100

Total Xp gain: 210



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